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Lacrifresh 20

Relieves the symptoms of slight to moderate ocular dryness.

These eye drops have a lower concentration of sodium chloride than the rest of Avizor's drops and therefore a lower tonicity. They are there-fore hypotonic.

  1. They are designed for people who suffer from slight to moderate dry eyes on an occasional basis and act to alleviate their symptoms.
  2. Less Na Cl than the rest of Avizor's drop
  3. Is HYPOTONIC: has a lower osmotic concentration than human tears
  4. Osmotic concentration of 200 mOsm/L
  5. Viscosity: 17-20 cP

Lacrifresh 20

Dry Eye Syndrome

People who suffer from either slight to moderate dry eyes have:

Lacrifresh 20

The drier the eyes, the more hypotonic the eye drops need to be in order to treat them.

The greater the concentration of sodium hyaluro-nate, the greater the viscosity and therefore the longer the presence on the artificial drop and there-fore, the longer the lubricating effect on the eye.

Technical Data:

Contains a combination of elements which make it effective:

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