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Lacrifresh Cleaning

Keeps your lenses clean, no need to take them out.

Cleaning and moisturizing for contact lens users

Lacrifresh Cleaning Drops are more than just moisturising drops because they hydrate and clean all types of contact lenses while lenses are worn. Due to their special formula and cleaning action, they are particularly recommended for users who wear their lenses over long periods of time or who have deposits build-up problems.

A sodium chloride solution with additional components which help to achieve the aim of these drops.

It cleans the lens directly without the need to take it off and removes the deposits that accumulate throughout the day. It lubricates, hydrates and moisturises. It has the right proportion of a cleaning/surfactant agent to clean the lens.

Lacrifresh Cleaning product

Using Lacrifresh Cleaning

Technical Data:

LACRIFRESH CLEANING solution contains a combination of elements which make it effective:

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